Wood of European origin and from sustainable forestry

At DANIEL édition we love wood, it's part of our DNA. Because it's beautiful, it has a soul and every piece of timber is unique. But also because it is sustainable, at least it can be if the timber is well sourced, and that is what we guarantee.

Doing justice by noble materials means not only questioning how we will use them, but also where we are getting them from. As global climate change accelerates, we need to tread lightly when it comes to extracting the "lungs of our planet". To be conscious of the world around us is to apprehend the consequences on oxygen production as well as the animals and plants depending on the forests we cut down.

That is why we use wood exclusively where the practices of disturbance and regeneration are applied. 

We chose our manufacturers and artisans from Poland and France because of their proximity and expertise, as well as for the fact that they work wood only from sustainable forestry. This allows for the needs of the environment and wildlife to be balanced with the timber production as a resource for our products. 

The wood we use for our product comes from Poland and France and is FSC or PEFC certified. Which means that the forests of origin is managed in a way that makes sure we replant more than we use.

Licence code Poland: FSC-C095309

Licence code France: PEFC-10-31-689