Why we use exclusively solid wood

At DANIEL, we work with noble materials, such as wood, but in its solid form, in opposition to plywood.

We chose to use only solid wood for our products featuring wood, the Plateau lamp top, the whole Formes series and the central column of the Albatross bookshelf.


Using no glue unlike plywood, it does't get damaged with water and does't risk to peel away. Solid wood is easy to rejuvenate, fine sanding and laquer make it like new.


Plywood is a technology from the late 1920' used to reproduce complex shapes. But it requires a costly mold, pushing the producer to sell more and more to absorb this cost. Today, the technologies exist to give solid wood the exact shape imagined by the designer while allowing us to produce just what we need.


Solid wood is so much more beautiful with the wood pattern following the curves of the product.