Designer objects for everyday ceremony

We offer products that are meant to last and be passed over from one generation to the next. But before that, they are imagined to be used on a daily basis, they become part of our rituals. So we made sure that every feature of our products will make the user enjoy that very moment.

That is why we created a first collection called "Designer objects for everyday ceremony".

We have selected designs that, while having a strong presence, don't seek too much attention. They rather integrate their surroundings effortlessly, allowing us to focus on what is important in life. Whether it is a conversation with a friend, a meal with family or a creative session, our products are made to sublimate your moments of sharing, or solitude.  

The idea for this collection came from wanting to create a tribute to Daniel, the artisan and my father. But it is also a tribute to quality, in the time we spend and the daily objects we use. That is why we firmly believe in going back to basics: using noble materials and long lasting assembly. 

I invite those that feel drawn to this philosophy to enjoy our products and make them their own in their interior projects.

Etienne Delorme
Founder & Creative Director