Patrick de Glo de Besses

Patrick de Glo de Besses, designer, exhibition scenography, interior design

From his experience working with Andrée Putman, Patrick de Glo de Besses remembers an exceptional environment for creation: unrestricted as well as being well-managed.

Going solo today, he splits his time between work on-demand – exhibition scenography, interior design (fittings), the creation and production of light installations and furniture – and a personal search that revealed his interest in constructive systems that highlight as well structure and pattern, his taste for decoration, staging and open functions. Wanting to broaden the scope of his creations, he has recently started multiple collaborations with design brands.

What DANIEL édition means to him

"DANIEL is the idea of the long-term patient search of the right depth, the right thickness, using noble materials formed by shadows and lights."

Formes by Patrick de Glo de Besses IDEAT Magazine