design studio bonpart
bonpart is a Vienna-based furniture and product design studio founded by Verena Waidmann and Lukas Gstöttner.

Their collaboration is a permanent dialogue, in which they draw upon different backgrounds in engineering and fine art.
In their work they aim for elegance, timeless beauty and intelligent solutions.
Having a hands on approach, they experience technical feasibility as part of the creative process and often as a source of inspiration.
Their designs are characterised by clear lines and calm shapes, yet insistent upon a subtle and playful twist.

Their inspiration for the bottle opener Ast 

"With DANIEL, we see a shared aesthetic vision, a quest for high quality and an affinity for the exceptional.

The bottle opener embodies a fascination for simplicity and beauty of functionality. The steps of the developing process are still traceable in the finished object, making the story a visible part. An inner dialog between purpose, grace and manufacturing procedure is reflected in the design, following a subtle but recognizable logic."

Ast bottle opener by studio bonpart preparatory drawing