Arnaud Desvignes

Arnaud Desvignes, product and furniture designer

A graduate l’école Camondo in Paris, Arnaud Desvignes specialises in product and furniture design. He integrated Studio Patrick Jouin / Jouin Manku in 2016 and in parallel, recently started working on his own ideas. So in 2018, he presents his very first collaboration, produced by DANIEL.

His objective is to soften the industrial austerity by adding a soul to the objects he creates: “Today, we have a large choice of technical possibilities to realize a product. Like a composer, the designer should use his instruments in the right place at the right time to create an accurate melody, capable of lasting throughout the years."

The inspiration for the mirror Mirage 

"Mirage is the result of exchanges and reflection on the values that DANIEL Edition stands for. It’s a neutral object that perfectly fulfills its function. Technical, poetic, inspiring lightness.

The mirror’s only material is a single sheet of stainless steel, using 98,8% of an A4 format's surface. The result is an object whose apparent simplicity hides a well mastered savoir-faire and a precise manufacturing process."

Preparatory drawing for Mirage mirror by Arnaud Desvignes